[svlug] Ethereal Gripe

David E. Weekly david at weekly.org
Wed Aug 20 12:53:27 PDT 2003

> I know of at least one large NAS company that is very unhappy with their
> very expensive to maintain packet capture and analysis program give that
> Ethereal, which is developed by a 'horde of mongrels' (according to sales
> staff of the company that develops said program), beats the pants off of
> it in almost every department.

Ethereal is really kick ass 95% of the time.

For the other 5%, I wish:
    - I could cut and paste (big PITA)
    - I could save as text
    - I could easily drop in new protocol specifications without writing

I'm sufficiently not-sharp that I'm willing to believe that Ethereal *does*
all of this and I just don't know about it - anyone care to inform me?


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