[svlug] Anaconda/kickstart equivalent in Debian

Akbar Ahmed akbar_svlug at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 19 23:07:53 PDT 2003


My company is about to port our application to Debian
from Red Hat. The move to Debian should be easy, but
we also need to simplify the installation of Debian
for our users. 

Our goal is to make the Debian install as simple as: 
1. insert CD
2. partition (optional, or accept defaults)
3. set root password
4. eject CD and reboot. 

Package selection and hardware detection should be

This effect was easy to achieve in Red Hat by using
kickstart/Red Hat CD's or by modifying Anaconda to
make a custom distro. 

What is the Debian equivalent of Anaconda? 
What is the Debian equivalent of kickstart?

Thank you in advance,

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