[svlug] SVLUG Installfest - 8/16 XonLaptop, 802.11b, usb webcams, videostreaming

Hereon hereon2003 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 15 21:08:59 PDT 2003

Just a reminder that the SVLUG installfest should be tomorrow, Aug 16th Sat,
3rd sat.  I'm guessing it's on.  I'm not the installfest leader.  I'll be
there.  :)


If you know about configuring X on laptops (Specifically a sony viao, which
has some known X issues and known fixes (apparently requiring a specific,
known kernel patch to be applied, & recompiled))  I'd appreciate your
dropping by and helping me with this issue on my laptop.  :)

If you know about 802.11b, usb webcam, audio I/O, and cam video streaming,
I'd appreciate any install guidance. Using Debian.

Also, If you know about webcam video/audio streaming - send &/or recieve -
you might want to come by & chat w/ me.  There will be an interesting
upcomming project/event that people are going to be working on starting in
September that I'm gonna announce next week involving this technology.

Thanks!  See you there!  :)

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