[svlug] select/poll and EOF

Steve Hindle steve at itsage.com
Fri Aug 15 00:51:29 PDT 2003

It's not really that bad - nice thing about it, is it can simplify things - 
no messy FD mask calculations, no worrying about multiple selectors 
becoming available at once, etc etc.  If you've done any event driven 
programming, the callbacks are straightforward.  As they appear to be part 
of the POSIX recommendations, it should even be portable :-) This method 
was used extensively on 'Stratus' super-mini's and worked very nicely.

The 'FAM' stuff Scott mentions sounds pretty cool as well - though, that 
sounds like an event driven approach too.

Anyway, hope you find something you like to solve the problem...

Stephen Hindle
I.T. Sage
"Enlightened Solutions for Open Minds"

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