[svlug] Desk Top Linux

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Thu Aug 14 05:05:10 PDT 2003

	As a user of Linux who also bought windows XP I have been comparing
what I can do with Linux that is as good or better than what Microsoft

	This message is written with Ximian Evolution 1.0.8 which is a email
client that looks a bit like Outlook Express but has so much MORE
capability! It has a nice system to make new directories (Folders) and
sort incoming mail into the proper one. If your reading a message that
refers you to a web page, just click on the web page and mozilla comes
up at that page.When the attached file is a message you can do three
things with it, including send it to Open Office! 

	Every one knows how powerful Open Office is and I use it. I got the
windows version and put it on her windows xp and it has become the
application windows calls when she gets a .doc file sent to her. Really
cool as my grandson calls it.

	My Linux is Red Hat 8 and it has a lot of nice features that are small
but good. I was surprised when I got a dsl modem and a router that Linux
simply came up working via the ethernet connection. I had to run config
to verify Linux had the ip number the router sent. 

	In general I think Red Hat is aiming at making Linux just as nice to
use as Windows. And they are succeding. And let me say it still lets you
put up a lot of xterm windows and use the mouse to switch between them,
just like the old days.

               - Karl Larsen k5di Las Cruces,NM Az ScQRPions -

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