[svlug] Re: Linux users in California?

Ira Abramov lists-svlug at ira.abramov.org
Wed Aug 13 23:27:20 PDT 2003

Quoting Mark Nakamura, from the post of Tue, 12 Aug:
> What is the definition of "hard-core-linux-user"? :-)

one who injects him/herself every morning with a heavy dose of raw
object files freshly linked in a teaspoon over a small lighter (man make
to learn how to "make fire")

> The population of California is roughly 30M.
> Of those 5M are living arround Bay Area.
> So, the number of SVLUG member X 6 would be a good guess, I think.

minus the people from out of CA or even the US like me, plus the tens of
thousands who don't care or can't afford the time to read SVLUG,
compensate for the higher computer-geek density of the silicon valley...

so my first answer would be "viva statistics! ( > damn lies > lies > etc. )"

second answer - "more than enough to make a difference"

and third - "why care? are we in a competition?"

Packet mangler
Ira Abramov

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