[svlug] Are these an attempt to cause MS to spend lots of money

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at richardsharpe.com
Wed Aug 13 22:55:04 PDT 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Don Marti wrote:

> begin Richard Sharpe quotation of Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 02:47:05PM -0700:
> >   Are all these people who are proposing these laws doing so to chew up 
> > MS' resources trying to defeat them all?
> There's a certain amount of not wanting to have a software industry
> that's a colony of the USA.  Many countries would rather have an
> economic "multiplier effect" from _local_ free software professionals
> than drain the money off.  When you spend money on a free software
> solution, the money tends to stay closer to you than if you spent
> it on a project including proprietary software.

The problem with this view is politics. Australia has two main parties and 
a couple of smaller parties.

The Liberals, who are conservatives, are akin to the Republicans, and 
Labour is akin to the Democrats. They are the dominant two parties and 
they tend to be very sensitive to WTO charges brought by MS about 

The Democrats, who are a minor party in Australia and I cannot think of an 
analogy in the US, have noting to lose by upsetting the status quo, are 
the ones introducing this legislation.

I suspect that this might be the case in many countries in fact.

I like that it is happening, if for no other reason than it makes MS pay 
attention and some locals are starting to think about issues like a home 
grown info industry, but I would prefer that they push open standards.

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