[svlug] Distributing OpenOffice to schools

Lincoln Peters lincoln_peters at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 12 22:31:58 PDT 2003

The OpenOffice.org team has announced to Schoolforge that it intends to 
launch an education campaign in October (when OpenOffice 1.1 is released) 
and put as many copies of OpenOffice in the hands of students and teachers 
as possible.

Is anyone here interested in burning and distributing OpenOffice CD's to 
public schools?  At some time in the near future, they will release an ISO 
with OpenOffice 1.1 that supports Windows auto-run, so if you are 
interested, you should not start burning CD's just yet (I can notify the 
group when the official ISO is available).

This project is being coordinated by "ian" (ian.lynch2 at ntlworld.com), an 
OpenOffice.org developer.  There does not appear to be any information on 
the OpenOffice.org website yet, but I can provide information (and URL's) as 
soon as I receive it.

I have already notified the following groups:
* North Bay Linux Users' Group (http://www.nblug.org/)
* Linux User's Group of Davis (http://www.lugod.org/)
* Sacramento Linux Users' Group (http://www.saclug.org/)
* Roseville Linux Users' Group (http://www.roselug.org/)
* Bay Area Linux Users' Group (http://www.balug.org/)

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what they can do and which areas they 
can cover. Can anyone recommend any other groups in Northern California I 
should contact?


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