[svlug] extended grep reg exp

Robert Khachikyan rhxk at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 12 13:21:03 PDT 2003

I've read the doc for grep extensively and google searched
it and still couldn't find what i was looking for...on top
of that, i left my reg exp book @ home....so here it is.

I have a big file that has

3918400 bla bla bla
3918401 bla bla bla
3918402 bla bla bla
3918403 bla bla bla
3918404 bla bla bla
3945785 bla bla bla
3945786 bla bla bla
3945787 bla bla bla

you get the idea. I want to grep a portion of it out.
Let's say from 3918403 -> 3928404 (10001 lines).

To my knowledge, grep's regular expression works with
searching for the last character of the string(*[0-9]).
This would return only 10 lines...what if I want to
do a crazy grep like this?

i thought 'egrep -E 39[18403-28404] file' would do, but
it comes back with no match...

can anyone shine a light on this....thanks a mill

As Always,

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