[svlug] FW: Linux and, of all things, the CA recall election

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Tue Aug 12 09:20:02 PDT 2003

Well, I know of one Linux geek who's running for governor:


dan-svlug at unpossible.com writes:
>I've started a site (http://PlatformForCalifornia.org) to identify and
>run a symbolic write-in candidate with strong Open Source connections in
>the recall election for the position of Governor of California.
>The state spends over $3 billion a year on IT, and with the recent $95
>million Oracle scandal it's obvious that some new ideas for IT are
>necessary.  I want to engage the OSS community to find potential
>candidates and get a campaign going.  The campaign will raise attention
>for Open Source Software.
>There are full details of why and how this will come off at the website.
>I'm hoping LUGs, PUGs, and such can help make this a phenomenon.  I
>thought maybe SVLUG could help?  I'd approached some of the SVLUG
>leadership privately before I wrote here and they suggested I look to
>all of you for advice.  I'd welcome any suggestions, feedback or ideas.
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