[svlug] Sendmail/Postfix Problem

Bill Selmeier bills at right-net.com
Sun Aug 10 15:58:42 PDT 2003

This is your problem.  AOL users on dsl are not considered a concern, it's
MTA's on DSL.  AOL is checking the MTA's reverse DNS not the client's.
I'll bet your friends use aol or quest for their mta.  Contact your ISP to
get your reverse DNS changed.  That can be a little tricky since fixed
IP's on DSL often require some interesting tweaking to fit the customary 8
IP # assignments.  I see this in the headers of your message:
albq-dsl-gw5poola15.albq.uswest.net ([]   You need to contact
Qwest to get dsl removed.  Do you run a name server?

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On Sun, 10 Aug 2003, Karl Larsen wrote:

> 	Hi Bill, both the date it happened and what happened is about
> right for my problem. I AM using a DSL modem and if AOL is using that to
> kill my messages then they must be doing it to their own customers! I
> know of 3 AOL users with DSL modems from Qwest. I will try to reach
> someone at AOL who is technical...:-)
> On Sun, 10 Aug 2003, Bill Selmeier wrote:
> >
> > On Sun, 10 Aug 2003, Karl Larsen wrote:
> >
> > [snipped]
> > >
> > > 	The second has to do with AOL.COM. For some reason their spam
> > > filters think my messages are spam and destroy them. If you look at the
> > > whole message I send out it is a little odd. My messages are handled by
> > > bucket.dog, localhost, and others before it gets out to the Internet.
> > > This seems to confuse AOL. Does anyone know how to fix this?
> > >
> > Yes, on May 31st 4:30pm EDT, AOL introduced an additional (in their mind)
> > protection against SPAM.  AOL presumes that any MTA whose reverse DNS
> > indicates it is on DSL or a cable modem, is not a professional operation
> > and a likely source of spam.  They should have provided an area code 703
> > number to call for information.  My guess is that your sendmail is the MTA
> > of record and the reverse DNS shows something with adsl, dsl, attbi or
> > other cable related.  The solution is to take control of your reverse DNS
> > and tie it to a domain at your site.
> >
> > I run about 10 mail lists and all of them broke at 1:30pm PDT on May 31st.
> > Given I was working through PacBell and the necessary department doesn't
> > do weekends, I finally met AOL's new requirements at 2 pm on Monday.  Mail
> > was sporadic for the next three days.  There must be something in their
> > filters that needs to clear out.
> >
> > Hope this helps.
> >
> > Bill
> >
> >
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