[svlug] Sendmail/Postfix Problem

Karl Larsen k5di at msn.com
Sun Aug 10 15:39:04 PDT 2003

	Hi Eric, I looked at that on this list when I was fixing a 
bounce mail problem. This list is supposed to send me a copy, as I think 
many others are too.

On Sun, 10 Aug 2003, Erik Steffl wrote:

> Karl Larsen wrote:
> ...
> > 	The first problem is simple. I send a email to a list server and 
> > I never see it, but others do. I will never see this message on the 
> > list. I think my Sendmail/Postfix is putting some word or character in 
> > the message so when I try to pop it to my computer it disappears. That 
> > is because it does. Anyone know how to fix this?
>    it is probably setting of the list, you can set mailing lists to send 
> your messages to you or not. Check your setting of the svlug list (on 
> svlug page). It probably does not have anything to do with your email setup.
> > 	The second has to do with AOL.COM. For some reason their spam 
> > filters think my messages are spam and destroy them. If you look at the 
> > whole message I send out it is a little odd. My messages are handled by 
> > bucket.dog, localhost, and others before it gets out to the Internet. 
> > This seems to confuse AOL. Does anyone know how to fix this?
>    it might not be possible to fix it, depending on what the problem is. 
> You have to figure out why do they think your emails are spam.
> 	erik

               - Karl Larsen k5di Las Cruces,NM Az ScQRPions -

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