[svlug] archival file system?

Bryan K. Watson bwatson at netTracers.com
Mon Aug 4 20:30:22 PDT 2003

This sounds so much like what Novell had available thru Palindrome's HSM
(Hierarchical Storage Management) interface products back in the early
90's...and I think that Seagate was working on something like this too back
then.  I used to use this for auto migration of data to optical libraries in
what is called Near-Line storage (as opposed to on-line storage).  The
Novell server would get a request for a file, and if it was near-line a
pending message would go back to the client while the server retrieved the
file to a cache location.  This would then disappear if no changes were
made, otherwise it would eventually migrate the changed file to the
near-line storage.  This system could use tape, optical, slower hard
disks..whatever.  It worked great!

I would love to see what is being done with this in the Linux
environment....looking forward to some educated replies here.

Here is what I googled on this:



If you are looking for snapshots like a NetApp filer then Sistina has LVM:

...this way you can script your DB's Mail, etc... to pause for a
second....do a snapshot, then resume running and do your backup from the
snapshot.  Anyone out there using this ability?


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Thanks Brian,

I am surprised by the lack of products like this. I will look into this 
further. Again, thanks.


Brian Chrisman wrote:

>On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 01:50:09AM -0700, Reg. Charney wrote:
>>I am looking for an open-source archival file system. ...........

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