[svlug] SMTP Gateway

Tin Le tin at le.org
Sun Aug 3 22:52:25 PDT 2003

> If you decide to use Sendmail, which I would recommend, you can configure
> a mailertable to forward mail for your domain to any MTA of your choice.  
> You can find good information on configuring a mailertable db at:

Ugh, hope you are not serious on staying with sendmail when there are
several other perfectly good replacement available.  In a way, sendmail is
similar to MS, with its patch of the month or latest security problem ;-)

> For those who like Postfix and Exim, what advantages do you see?

Speaking only for Postfix.  Security (it was designed with that in mind),
performance and flexibility.  Good support from its mailing list.

Tin Le
Tin Le - tin at le.org
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