[svlug] Small scale web hosting for a school in Mountain View

Go, Jeffrey jeffrey.go at sap.com
Sat Aug 2 23:17:35 PDT 2003


Try webintellects.com

They have good rep and also technically sound ...
They use apache on linux/unix,...

Good luck

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Subject: [svlug] Small scale web hosting for a school in Mountain View


My wife and daughters are looking after the web site for a middle school 
in Mountain View.

The teachers now want a more capable web site that allows them to enter 
course and other info dynamically, so a scripting language like PHP with a 
database back end is starting to become necessary.

Can anyone suggest an ISP/Hosting company that can offer low-cost hosting, 
or even one that might be interested in donating some hosting for 
appropriate mentions on the site and school literature?

Richard Sharpe, rsharpe[at]ns.aus.com, rsharpe[at]samba.org, 
sharpe[at]ethereal.com, http://www.richardsharpe.com

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