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M. Drew Streib dtype at dtype.org
Sat Aug 2 12:47:35 PDT 2003

On Sat, Aug 02, 2003 at 03:35:00PM -0400, Walt Reed wrote:
> Only problem with HE is that large chunks of their address space is in
> SPEWS or other black lists. Apparently they have a less than stellar
> record in handling spam complaints.

They're mostly out of that now, and I don't want to get _too_ far
into it, but they're great at handling the complaints. The problem
rested with blacklists which had no accountability, and refused
to follow any procedures.

he.net is very customer-conscious, and will investigate claims of
wrongdoing rather than simply blindly shutting people down. It is
actually one of the reasons I host some of my free software projects
there that may one day come under legal question (freedb, pgp keyserver).

Unfortunately SPEWS doesn't like being questioned, and has no way
to appeal, or even communicate, with the asses that run the thing.
They hated he.net because he once (not even anymore) hosted for a
company that also spammed out of Australia. The customer in question
never spammed from he.net, and was eventually booted anyway
in order to appease SPEWS, after which they still didn't want to 
hear anything about it.

Anyway, I'm sure Don Marti can continue to tell you his thoughts
on bad blacklists if you really want to see the fire. :)

I refuse to bow to bad blacklists, and I recommend that everyone
put all pressure on everyone they know to ignore SPEWS altogether.


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