[svlug] April 21st - Linux User Group of Davis - Oracle Clustering File System

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Sun Apr 13 11:39:51 PDT 2003

The Linux Users' Group of Davis (LUGOD), will be holding a meeting on:

  April 21st, 2003
  6:30pm - 9:30pm
  (Doors open at 6:00pm; please try to arrive on-time!)

The meeting will be held at our normal location:

  Davis Library
  Blanchard Room
  315 East 14th Street
  Davis, CA 95616

The topic will be:

  Oracle Clustering File System (OCFS)
  presented by: Mark Fasheh, Oracle Corporation's Linux Development Team
    OCFS is a clustered database file system written at Oracle for the
    Linux kernel (as a file system module), and released under the GNU GPL.
    The presentation will describe the basics of OCFS, including on
    disk layout, advantages of extent based systems, locking strategies,
    change notification, journaling/node recovery, and database optimizations.
    Lay out the reasoning behind our design choices, what we've learned from
    those, and future OCFS improvements.

    Mark Fasheh has taken an active role in the Linux Community since being
    introduced to the OS during his freshman year at UCLA.  While there,
    he helped found the UCLA Linux Users group and spent three years
    advocating Linux use as the LUG President.  Before Oracle, Mark spent time
    working on Linux printing for VA Software, and creating Linux clustering
    software for IBM.  Since joining Oracle Mark has taken an active role in
    the development of the Oracle Clustered File System.


  In conjunction with the Oracle Technology Network, Mark will be
  bringing the latest Oracle 9i Database on Linux software for all

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LUGOD is a non-profit organization dedicated to the Linux Operating System,
and which holds meetings twice a month in Davis, CA.
Meetings are always free, and open to the public.

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