wlan: Re: [svlug] New Laptop

Jeff Suttor Jeff.Suttor at EarthLink.net
Fri Nov 22 20:27:41 PST 2002

> But the stock kernel support for this card in the 2.4.x kernels is not good.
> In use, this driver drops a lot of packets. The easy answer is to download
> the drivers from http://www.linux-wlan.com/linux-wlan/ (Absolute Value
> Systems) and work with them. I have been told that these drivers work quite
> well.
> You can also get Red Hat 8.0 packages at
> http://prism2.unixguru.raleigh.nc.us/rh80/

I've had excellent success with these drivers.

Jeff Suttor    <Jeff.Suttor at EarthLink.net>

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