[svlug] which distrabution?

Mark C. Langston mark at bitshift.org
Tue May 28 11:23:38 PDT 2002

On Tue, May 28, 2002 at 10:48:58AM -0700, Walter Reed wrote:
> If you can't make an installfest and can't find any local assistance, you can
> attempt it on your own, but I would probably suggest redhat due to the sheer
> simplicity of the install. Now that I've had experience with a modern debian,
> I personally just can't look back anymore. It's awesome.

Out of curiosity, has anyone had any experience with getting a
Geforce2Go card (notebook gfx card) working with Debian?  To date, I've
gotten it working with FreeBSD and RedHat 7.3, but I'm curious about
Debian and would like to try it.  However, it'd be nice to know that
the nVidia drivers work with Debian as well.

(It's been so long since I touched Linux as a personal OS, I thought I'd
revisit it with RH7.3.  I like what I see -- it's a vast improvement
over 4.x and the early days of the all-GUI install -- but I still have
some philosophical issues with RH, and I very much like automatic
updates and the entire apt-get concept.  Particularly after falling
in love with the ports/packages system in *BSD.)

Mark C. Langston
mark at bitshift.org
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