[svlug] OT: AT cases, mid-tower and full tower and toys -- come get 'em

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Mon May 20 11:55:52 PDT 2002

Karen Shaeffer <shaeffer at neuralscape.com> writes:
> With respect to recipients of these systems, I'd like the project to have a
> goal of finding a few talented, motivated kids who are interested in
> computing systems and who are currently living in a financially challenged
> environment. These criteria make it most likely the gift is going to be
> appreciated and have an impact in helping the youngster bootstrap their
> future. And I'm not the best person to find these folks either. Others
> within SVLUG are no doubt better suited for this task. Or maybe some other
> organization might work with SVLUG to find these folks.

Sounds like a great idea.  I hope that this idea takes fruit.

> I'm interested in ensuring the systems that are donated are going to be
> viable computing platforms capable of supporting the computing needs of
> these bright and motivated youngsters for a number of years into the
> future. I'm thinking a PI of at least 133 MHz is probably a reasonable
> minimum cpu, but PIIIs are highly desireable. I've got a PIII 650 MHz which
> is likely to be donated in October--if the project actually materializes.

Well, I have not got anything of that calibre, save one box that has
something (I know not what) wrong with it.  Dead power supply,
motherboard, or CPU, most likely.  I haven't bothered to diagnose it.

If anyone knows any possible use for older hardware, of the 386-486
vintage or even earlier, please let me know.  I want to get rid of
this stuff but I can't bring myself to just scrap it...


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