[svlug] Pronunciation of cron

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Wed May 15 17:43:50 PDT 2002

William Black <wjblack at yahoo.com> writes:
> --- Jay Link <jlink at ilbbs.com> wrote:
> > How do you pronounce "cron"? I say "krahn" (rhymes
> > with prawn), but my wife says "crone".
> Not to mention the fact that it's more like a
> chronological scheduler than an old hag.  I suppose
> one could ask someone like Paul Vixie (paul at vix.com)
> for a somewhat more "official" opinion.

That argument doesn't work if you pronounce "chronological" as
"CRONE-oh-LODGE-ik-al" as many (including myself) do.

However, I do think that "cron" should be pronounced to rhyme with
"pawn," not with "tone."

It depends on whether you think that abbreviations should base their
pronunciation on that of the longer word(s) that they abbreviate.
Consider the following: "bin" and "lib" are universally (IME)
pronounced to rhyme with "tin" and "fib" respectively, though "binary"
and "library" would seem to suggest otherwise.  But on the other hand,
lots of people mistakenly pronounce "GIF" with a hard "G", even though
CompuServe actually said it should be pronounced "jiff"...


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