[svlug] User directory shares with Samba, Winbind, and Win2k domain - help deparately needed!

Daniel Curry dcurry at cariocas.com
Wed Jul 31 11:25:17 PDT 2002

I have a new samba install with winbindd running correctly.
I have moved folders from the old Win2k file server to this new file server.  
I need to re-create the same permissions that the Win2k file server had for the users.  The users were in groups, based upon departments.  Each department head had RW priv to the department share and RO on each user's sub directory.  Each user, of course, had RW on their own dirs.  The Department dir/share was RO to the world.
I would like to recreate this, but am not certain how to, considering the combination of Win2k Domain groups and users with unix/linux users and groups.
Please help and advise.


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