[svlug] VCR Alert: "Antitrust" On Showtime, today-tonight 7/30/02 only -- Computer Wars

Walter Reed wreed at hubinternet.com
Tue Jul 30 15:06:47 PDT 2002

Actually, it's on several more times according to my Tivo (directv) schedule.
7/30 5pm showtime
7/30 8pm showtimewest
7/31 2:45am Showtime
7/31 5:45am showtimewest
8/11 5am showtime


Going to the showtime website and it shows even more dates (tivo only shows the
next 2 weeks.)

Just an FYI so people don't think that it really is "tonight only"...

Not a bad movie, but some of the screen shots of the "unix like" system are
kind of funny.  The "hideall" command being one of them :-) Typical hollywood.

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