[svlug] VCR Alert: "Antitrust" On Showtime, today-tonight 7/30/02 only -- Computer Wars

Kevin Kaichuan He hek at cisco.com
Tue Jul 30 14:14:39 PDT 2002

	I've watched this movie in AMC when it was firstly shown
-- so cool!  Its DVD is out too.


On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Mark S Bilk wrote:

> The world of computer software is dominated by a single giant
> corporation -- Microsoft -- which by dishonest business and
> technical practices, forces most people to buy from it alone,
> at high prices. *
> But many people and businesses are switching to open-source
> software such as GNU/Linux, developed by thousands of individuals
> and small groups, and given away for free to everyone who wants it.
> The fictional movie "Antitrust" is about the battle between these
> two forces.  Following in the footsteps of "Hackers" and "The Net"
> (and much better than "Swordfish"), "Antitrust" is about a giant
> domineering software corporation in the Pacific Northwest, and a
> few young computer experts who struggle to expose and defeat its
> evil schemes.
> It's also about trust -- how do you know who you can trust and
> who is working against you, especially in the trillion dollar
> world of big business, where almost everyone can be bought,
> blackmailed, or worse.
> Given the subject matter, which portrays capitalism not kindly,
> but accurately, it's amazing that this film has ever seen the
> light of day.
> There are only two showings left -- this evening and after midnight
> -- and with the fascist regime in the White House (which has just
> told the government of Peru to buy Microsoft products), who knows
> if there will ever be any more.
> Find someone who gets the SHOWTIME channel on cable or dish, and
> tape this movie!  The schedule below lists the broadcasts in
> Pacific Time, on the both the East and West Coast Showtime
> channels, which are 3 hours apart.  Check your local schedule,
> because some East Coast systems get the West Coast feed, and
> vice versa.
>    TITLE: Antitrust
>    SYNOPSIS: The billionaire founder of a software corporation
>    offers a lucrative position to an idealistic computer
>    genius.
>    DATE / TIME:
>    July 30: 5:00PM , 8:00PM
>    July 31: 2:45AM , 5:45AM
>    RATING: PG-13 **
>      * Ryan Phillippe
>      * Rachael Leigh Cook
>      * Claire Forlani
>      * Tim Robbins
>      * Douglas McFerran
>      * Richard Roundtree
> * Some of the actual ways Microsoft has tried (and sometimes
> succeeded) to kill off the competition:
> http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=9hFA8.53172%24ao1.9826%40rwcrnsc54

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