[svlug] RH dependencies, not using up2date

Will Francis wfrancis at incyte.com
Mon Jul 29 14:21:02 PDT 2002

> Oh come now. Are you saying that RH doesn't know that rpm's failure to handle
> dependencies isn't a known issue? It's one of the biggest complaints out
> there!!  Frankly, it almost seems that RH is holding back on this issue to push
> RHN (up2date) which DOES handle dependencies. This is fine, I guess, but it
> makes RH a poor choice for Linux if you don't plan on paying (or are not able
> to pay) for RHN. 

Are you trying to suggest that the only place to get the updated RPMs is with
RHN? They are mirrored nearly every place that carries the distributions
(and I've seen a few mirrors that carry just the updates). Yes, it might
take a day or so for the mirrors to catch up, but it's entirely possible to
get the updates for free in a timely manner. You just have to do a little 
more work.

As mentioned before, this is why I like autorpm. I can 'add' the updates mirror
and remote base installation of my choice and it will allow me to install
whatever packages I want and will resolve, download and install dependencies
for me (if I tell it to).
> Debian's package management system handles complete updates and dependency
> issues just fine with a local mirror or ANY mirror out there. No special
> network or proprietary software needed.

As described above, not for RH either with additional simple tools.

I won't claim that dependency issues aren't ever a problem (though I've seemed
to have had _nearly_ none compared to what others claim here), but I think that
it's more of a social problem, rather than a technical one with RPM itself.

Personally (and I _really_ don't mean this as a troll), while I like Debian for
apt, I find it's release cycle too slow for me. The few problems I've had with
RPM (admittedly being careful) is worth it to be a bit more up to date for me.
That's why there is 100 flavors of ice cream...

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