[svlug] RH dependencies, not using up2date

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Mon Jul 29 13:38:26 PDT 2002

Michael Olds <MikeOlds at pacbell.net> wrote: 

> My beef was with attitude and what I think of as deception
> and greed at RedHat. There is no telling me that deception
> wasn't the idea when "installation support" is front and
> center on the website and elsewhere (and I do not think
> the website, or the retail packages available at Fry's are
> aimed at the corporate user, so I think the idea (at least
> one idea) was designed to make money off single-user
> frustration). And I was being generous describing the
> e-mail support where the facts were that neither of the
> two techs I had spoke coherent English or related to my
> situation even slightly, and the average response time was
> three days. And on top of that the only response I got to
> taking issue with the quality of service was "Sign up for
> paid support."

> I just chimed in because it was a little gratifying (it
> eliminated a little self-doubt) to see that I was not the
> only one who seemed to see problems at RedHat.

You're certainly not the only person to run into problems
with RedHat.  I've had a number of gripes with them myself
over the past several years... in addition to "RPM hell", 
I think they have a tendency to push alpha-quality code on
newbies, for the sake of claiming a new "feature" before
anyone else.

But that said, I lean towards the "clueless rather than
evil" theory.  They actually do a fair job of
walking-the-walk (e.g. when they write code, it gets
released under the GPL, unlike some "linux" companies).

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