[svlug] RH dependencies, not using up2date

Michael Olds MikeOlds at pacbell.net
Sun Jul 28 14:23:56 PDT 2002

Thanks JC, actually I have had a working install for a while, the problem is
it is breaking down. (The probable cause is me fiddling; and I am not
complaining, I just thought it might have been the same story as with Marc
in that the problems started with upgrading packages, but he has made it
clear that his problems and mine are in no way related.) I have plenty of
time (retired), and no pressure (this is just a hobby) so I am not
frustrated at the learning curve (and expected it, and am happy to see that
I make daily progress.)

My beef was with attitude and what I think of as deception and greed at
RedHat. There is no telling me that deception wasn't the idea when
"installation support" is front and center on the website and elsewhere (and
I do not think the website, or the retail packages available at Fry's are
aimed at the corporate user, so I think the idea (at least one idea) was
designed to make money off single-user frustration). And I was being
generous describing the e-mail support where the facts were that neither of
the two techs I had spoke coherent English or related to my situation even
slightly, and the average response time was three days. And on top of that
the only response I got to taking issue with the quality of service was
"Sign up for paid support."

I just chimed in because it was a little gratifying (it eliminated a little
self-doubt) to see that I was not the only one who seemed to see problems at

Best Wishes!
Michael Olds
Los Altos   California

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> I am very glad to hear it was likely not entirely my own fault.

> I'm looking into Linux from Scratch.

The initial Linux learning curve can be steep and indigestible.  Not
being able to get a working installation just makes it more so.

As this point I'd strongly suggest going to one of the regular
Installfests.  Bring your box (and monitor), bring a note pad with a
good pen, and bring a willingness to learn very quickly.  You should
leave with a working installation, notes on how it got there, and a good
idea of how to move on out from there.

  Note: What distribution you end up with is going to be a function of
  your preferences and persuasive power and those of whoever you talk to
  at the Installfest.  Don't worry about it.  Once you get up and
  running with some understanding changing distributions is
  comparatively easy.

J C Lawrence
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