[svlug] RH dependencies, not using up2date

Michael Olds MikeOlds at pacbell.net
Sun Jul 28 07:32:00 PDT 2002

Point of view: new individual RH7.3 user. I was very gratified to read
Marc's first post and even moreso the debate that followed, is following.
Switching from MS I purchased the boxed set 7.2 ($175 with discount), and
spent one month learning that my hardware wasn't going to work (It was
compatable with 7.0...the idea that a later version would not be compatible
with earlier-version hardware was baffling to me). I bought a new box
specifically for the RH distribution. Then spent the next 2 months tearing
my hair out because although the come-on on the box suggested I would get
install help, what was intended was e-mail and forum suport. That came in
the form of 24 hour delays and incorrect irrelevant and disinterested
responses that assumed I had complete familiarity with the system. My early
and continued feeling is that RH is nothing more than a Microsoft wannabe
and that lack of support was a deliberate policy to force paid support. Then
I upgraded to 7.3 and used rpm to install a few things (the new KDE, Apache,
Mozilla, and Bind) and have watched as application after application has
started to malfunction.
I'm not saying it wasnt't mostly me, but I am very glad to hear it was
likely not entirely my own fault.

I'm looking into Linux from Scratch.

Best Wishes!
Michael Olds
Los Altos   California

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