[svlug] 10 ways to enjoy linux with out giving up the other OS

Richard J. Mancusi vrman at bourbaki.us
Fri Jul 26 15:00:30 PDT 2002

Robert Hajime Lanning wrote:

>---- As written by Scott_Thompson at NAI.com:
>>I started compiling this list the other day.  I'm only at 10 items so far,
>>but I'm sure there are more.  I think more people would try Linux, but are
>>afraid to leave the familiar surroundings of
>>MS.  Maybe my list will help ease the pain of change.  (Think, "Nicotine
>11) VMware, Inc. - create a virtual machine to run linux in.
>    Or install it on linux and run windows in it.
>    (www.vmware.com)
>12) Slackware Distrobution's zipslack or bigslack
>    dual boot using VFAT + UMSDOS in zip file.
>    zipslack ~100MB (will fit on zip disk) or bigslack ~850MB
>    (www.slackware.com)
13) rdesktop - allows a Linux box to connect to W2K via Terminal Services
    and run Windows programs.  Great for us Linux folks running multiple
    o.s. data centers.  Also allows quicker corporate Linux migration,
    (get our foot in the door), because you can still run that end-user
    favorite MS application from Linux.

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