[svlug] 10 ways to enjoy linux with out giving up the other OS

Robert Hajime Lanning lanning at lanning.cc
Fri Jul 26 11:14:12 PDT 2002

---- As written by Scott_Thompson at NAI.com:
> I started compiling this list the other day.  I'm only at 10 items so far,
> but I'm sure there are more.  I think more people would try Linux, but are
> afraid to leave the familiar surroundings of
> MS.  Maybe my list will help ease the pain of change.  (Think, "Nicotine
> Patch").

11) VMware, Inc. - create a virtual machine to run linux in.
    Or install it on linux and run windows in it.

12) Slackware Distrobution's zipslack or bigslack
    dual boot using VFAT + UMSDOS in zip file.
    zipslack ~100MB (will fit on zip disk) or bigslack ~850MB


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