[svlug] ssh reverse forward question

matt@vazor.com matt at vazor.com
Thu Jul 25 16:26:50 PDT 2002


I'm using something like:

ssh -R 5901:localhost:5901 host -N

To reverse forward port 5901 on a solaris box to port 5901 on my Linux firewall
machine.  Now, I can connect to 5901 using vnc on the Linux machine fine, but
I'd rather connect to this forwarded port from another machine, to an interface on the Linux box (

ssh -R 5901: host -N

But, this doesn't seem to work...  I stumbled across the GatewayPorts option, but that works on the machine from which I initiate ssh...

Anyone know how I can reverse forward a port from host A to host B, but connect to the port on host B from yet another machine host C.  Host B just becomes effectively a passthrough.



Matt Billenstein
matt (at) vazor (dot) com

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