[svlug] "Picn*x11" - Linux 11th anniversary picnic, Aug 17

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Wed Jul 24 02:48:49 PDT 2002

Hey folks... Anyone who was at the July 3 meeting may remember that Marc
and I asked for anyone who would coordinate the Linux 11th Anniversary
Picnic this year, the follow-on to last year's very successful "Linux10"
picnic.  This is just a quick note for any of you where that might be
the last you've heard about it...

We got two volunteers there that evening, Allen Best of Sunnyvale and
Mike Simons of Davis.  Mike is VP of the Davis LUG.  Drew and I, who
coordinated last year's picnic, are still around too.

They're doing a great job of getting a core of team leaders together
and starting to fill the teams.  They reserved the Sunnyvale Baylands
Park for Aug 17, the Saturday following LinuxWorld Expo.   (Mike paid
out of pocket for the reservation.)

We still need leaders for some teams: clean-up, signage, and first aid.
And more participants are needed in all of the teams.  See the list at

The event home page is at

The volunteers mail list is at

Last year the First Aid crew (an EMT and a nurse) had nothing to do,
for which we're all thankful.  And the clean-up crew basically walked
the grounds looking for something to pick up and then thanked everyone
for doing their job for them.  I'd encourage everyone who will be
around at clean-up time to help like that again.  These are the only
two teams that we hope will have nothing to do.  But we need people
there obviously.

The signage team will definitely have work to do.  (Making signs.)

The City of Sunnyvale park staff welcomed us when we came back to make
the reservations for this year.

The organizations whose members are among the core leaders of the event
are SVLUG, sbay.org, EBLUG (Fremont) and the Davis LUG.

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