[svlug] No global warming for penguins

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Sat Jul 20 22:35:20 PDT 2002

"Rafael Skodlar,,," wrote:
> One would think that in economic downturn people would look into low
> cost alternatives in any business aspect including IT infrastructure.
> That should be good for Linux but the stock market shows otherwise.
> So it seems that another Linux company 'bytes' the dust:
> http://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2002-07-19-011-26-NW-BZ-TL

  not confirmed, denied by turbolinux...

> What a difference 2 years make. What's going to be there to see at the
> Linux Expo this year? Boxes of old CDs, some Linux ORGs, old memories,
> and perhaps a hanful of true Unix vendors.

  ? ibm? hp? borland? oracle? everybody seems to be supporting linux
nowadays... not sure who will be on the expo though...

> What's left of Linux in general? More and more broken RPMs based on
> RedHat distribution, and Debian with little or no commercial support.

  look around... linux is everywhere... of all places we just got suse
approved for mainframes (as corporate standard, 200.000 employees
company)... etc... hp picked debian as their distro (used in hp)

> Penguin is on cold ice again.

  penguins are always on cold ice...


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