[svlug] No global warming for penguins

John Conover conover at rahul.net
Fri Jul 19 01:51:58 PDT 2002

Hi Rafael, but the wise business person knows that a strategy to
survive the storms is as important as a strategy to exploit fair


Any idiot can survive fair winds.


Rafael Skodlar writes:
> One would think that in economic downturn people would look into low
> cost alternatives in any business aspect including IT infrastructure.
> That should be good for Linux but the stock market shows otherwise.
> So it seems that another Linux company 'bytes' the dust:
> http://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2002-07-19-011-26-NW-BZ-TL
> What a difference 2 years make. What's going to be there to see at the
> Linux Expo this year? Boxes of old CDs, some Linux ORGs, old memories,
> and perhaps a hanful of true Unix vendors.
> What's left of Linux in general? More and more broken RPMs based on
> RedHat distribution, and Debian with little or no commercial support.
> Penguin is on cold ice again.

John Conover, conover at rahul.net

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