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Thu Jul 18 21:50:20 PDT 2002

Quoting dfox, from the post of Thu, 18 Jul:

> > well, I decided to take on this task a few years ago, and I keep putting
> > it off till I can find a good way to sample the analog output of the
> I don't think that can be done, and it has to do with the phone outputs
> of the turntable. For instance (I don't have a turntable handy) if you
> try plugging it into 'line in' on your receiver instead of 'phono' the
> output should be noticeably different.

of course it can be done, people do it all the time, read the links I
sent, people are giving excellent advice.

as for line-in, that will never work. turntables need a different input,
you have to have a reciever on the way. since my reciever has an A/D it
will do a much better presision work than the internal SB card, and I
get the sampled signal on a fiber optic.

> Can yuo get along without digital out? The source is not digital 
> (obviously) so why not let the A/D on the sound card do the job, rather
> than a separate device?

as I wrote, because it's a better convertor.

> > record it to the disk (to be saved as WAV and burned or compressed to
> > MP3).
> Or maybe 'ogg vorbis' :). 

Ogg has to be ubiquitous and supported on my pocket player and car
stereo before I can use it. right now I can't.

> > http://panic.et.tudelft.nl/~costar/gramofile/

> If it can do some high pass filtering (eliminate scratches and pops
> etc.) that would be helpful. Otherwise, 'rec' (a symlink to 'sox')

go read the page. the guy did some special signal processing there, and
added smart specific filtering without losing treble. the program is
smart enough to separate the tracks to separate files and guess the
album on CDDB. can sox record 20 minutes at high quality directly to
disk, or does it attempt to record it all to RAM first?

> should be easy enough to record the stuff to wav. sox (if you get
> recent CVS) is capable of doing the conversion to ogg (or mp3)
> directly, if yuo have the libogg and other stuff that's required to do
> it already installed.

if you want to first clean it from the scratches, direct to MP3 may not
be always possible (not with a slow CPU like mine)

plus regulating volume can obviously be done only after you sampled the
entire track. think about it.

Kodak moment
Ira Abramov

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