[svlug] Re: Best program and HOW-TO: copy LP to CD

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Thu Jul 18 14:25:27 PDT 2002

Ira Abramov <lists-svlug at ira.abramov.org> writes:
> Quoting Frank Arnold, from the post of Thu, 18 Jul:
> > Well the title says it all.  I have found several old LPs that I want
> > to preserve by copying them to CDs. Has anyone had experience
> well, I decided to take on this task a few years ago, and I keep putting
> it off till I can find a good way to sample the analog output of the
> turntable. all the old SB cards I ever had, even 16 bit (and they are
> never true 16 bit) input lines had a humm. either the cards were cheap
> or the PCI adds noise. the next option is one of those new fancy
> sound-bay things where the connectors and A/D converters are far from
> the bus, but they are a little expensive.

Remember, phonographs do *not* produce "line out/in" levels.  If you
connect a record player to your computer you will not be happy with
the results.

However, if you hook it up to an amplifier (like you would in your
living room) and hook the "tape out" of the amplifier to your
computer, you should be able to get satisfactory results.  Make sure
that the grounding connector from the phonograph is connected to the
amplifier, or you may still get some hum (like you would in your
living room).


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