[svlug] Re: Best program and HOW-TO: copy LP to CD

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Thu Jul 18 13:12:41 PDT 2002

Quoting Frank Arnold, from the post of Thu, 18 Jul:

> Well the title says it all.  I have found several old LPs that I want
> to preserve by copying them to CDs. Has anyone had experience

well, I decided to take on this task a few years ago, and I keep putting
it off till I can find a good way to sample the analog output of the
turntable. all the old SB cards I ever had, even 16 bit (and they are
never true 16 bit) input lines had a humm. either the cards were cheap
or the PCI adds noise. the next option is one of those new fancy
sound-bay things where the connectors and A/D converters are far from
the bus, but they are a little expensive.

the next option I'm aiming at is to use my surround reciever, it has
digital line out for DAT decks, so I'll be using a good A/D converter in
my Sony reciever rather than buy a new potentially problematic one from
creative, only I will still need a digital line-in and software to
record it to the disk (to be saved as WAV and burned or compressed to

in the meantime, I bumped into this little cutie:

other sites I simply found by googling:

finally some non-free M$woodnose programs I doubt I'll need, if
gramophile does the job well:

You said you had a few links you found as well? I'd love to know if
there's something to add to the list above..

Ira Abramov

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