[svlug] Public Access Unix System?

Edward Roper eroper at wanfear.com
Wed Jul 17 16:27:31 PDT 2002

Actually I used to run one of these. The problem being every script-kiddy in 
the world ends up getting an account on your system. Next thing you know 
you're being contacted by government agencies, etc. ;) Well I suppose we 
/could/ do something as long as proof-of-identity is required to create an 
account... then again.. lol okay I'll stop rambling. In short I'd be willing 
to contribute/support such a project but the logistics of doing it right and 
keeping th system secure are difficult. If anyone has ideas on ways to pull 
it off without it becoming a full-time responsibility I'd love to hear them.


let the flames begin ;)

On Tuesday 16 July 2002 06:43 pm, Rajeev Arora wrote:
> well, public access systems are free for anyone. they
> are usually run by volunteers on donated equipment and
> bandwidth. i have found some to be very impressive.
> freeshell.org runs netbsd on alphas (great machines)
> and have a huge pipe to the net.
> i was wondering if the bay area has any such system. i
> currently use freeshell for email, home page, but they
> are based in washington state and they dont run linux
> - my efforts to sell linux failed. :(
> such systems also contribute in building online
> communities (see www.cyberspace.org) which makes me
> believe that its a good idea to have one in the
> valley.
> if we dont have one already, would anyone be
> interested in building one?
> raj

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