[svlug] How to restart DHCP

Scott Howell showell at adelphia.net
Wed Jul 17 14:05:54 PDT 2002

dhcpd is the dhcp server
dhcpcd is the client

He was trying to do to the server what he wanted to do with the client....


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> On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 05:42:41AM -0700, Daevid Vincent wrote:
> > Okay, I normally run 'ifconfig' to find out my IP address after a
> > reboot. However there has to be a better way to tell eth0 to get the new
> > IP without rebooting. (on windows, I would just do "ipconfig /release"
> > and "ipconfig /renew", and it all just works real easily like that)
> RedHat 7.3 uses dhcpcd as far as I know.  Here are the commands for
> release and renew, respectively:
> dhcpcd -k
> dhcpcd -n
> Here is another way to do the same things:
> killall -HUP dhcpcd
> killall -ALRM dhcpcd
> These next two commands don't do the exact same thing, but probably will
> get you a new IP address also:
> ifdown eth0
> ifup eth0
> > So why don't I have "/etc/dhcpd.conf"?
> dhcpd is a DHCP server.  dhcpcd is a DHCP client.  What you're looking
> for is the client.
>   - Tim
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