[svlug] How to restart DHCP

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Wed Jul 17 11:57:59 PDT 2002

"Daevid Vincent" <daevid at daevid.com> writes:
> Hiya. Sometimes my extrememly annoying ISP (Verizon) likes to just
> hijack the IP I've been using with DHCP for no apparent reason. Granted
> they use dynamic IP's and won't let me have a static one unless I pay
> $200/month for a 'business account'. However, they usually don't change
> the IP all that often, mebbe once every other month or so. So for the
> most part, I have my DNS TTL set to 15 minutes and I deal with it when
> it happens.

I have a similiar situation with AT&T Broadband (cable modem).
However it has become utterly painless since I switched to using
Dynamic DNS (http://www.dyndns.org/) to handle it.  I run a program
called "ddclient" which notices when my computer gets a new IP address
and automatically updates the dyndns.org information.

I'm using Debian, and my DHCP client is "dhclient", but the same
principle should apply to you.


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