[svlug] Routing??

Todd Lyons todd at mrball.net
Wed Jul 17 10:42:02 PDT 2002

Chris Gippert wanted us to know:

>Hi all
>I cannot connect to anything on the internet although a physical dialup
>connection (modem) has been made.

ok, a modem.  but....

>Destination      Gateway       Genmask      Flags  Metric  Ref    User Iface
>      *    U      0       0       0 eth0
>        *        U      0       0       0 lo
>default          smiley.dbs.net      UG     0       0       0 eth0

There's not a single line in there that talks about a ppp0 device, which
will be what a modem uses in modern connections (you aren't using slip,
are you?)

In my experience, I avoid a LOT of problems by bringing down the
ethernet connection then doing the dial-up.  Bring the ethernet
connection back up once you disconnect.

If by modem, you meant "cable-modem" or "dsl-modem", then none of what I
wrote above applies to you.
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