[svlug] looking for web hosting and e-mail provider

Ken Blake kblake at ptc.com
Tue Jul 16 18:12:36 PDT 2002

A friend of mine told me about www.featureprice.com.  They claim to
have big pipes and I believe run bsd for reliability.  Say they will install
any free software you need within reason.

For $5/month you get static ip, 50MB disk, 2 email accounts, cgi, php, ...
For $10/month, 1Gig disk, 15 email, etc.  And more for higher rates.

The one thing that might be a problem is they don't provide shell
accounts.  They have some software to administer your stuff.   It's
been a few weeks since I've talked with my friend so I'm curious to
find from him out how well it works.  I think they are definitely
worth checking out.

Ken Blake

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