[svlug] looking for web hosting and e-mail provider

David Christensen dpchrist at inreach.com
Tue Jul 16 14:19:26 PDT 2002

svlug at lists.svlug.org:

I have a domain name and am looking for a web hosting and e-mail
provider.  My wish list is as follows:

1.  Provider uses open-source technology to provide services.

2.  Provider does not impose any non- open-source technology on myself
    or my users or visitors.

3.  Real-time status of all services available via public web page.

4.  Uptime statistics for all services available via public web page.

5.  Guarantee of at least 99.9% uptime for each service.

6.  Monthly statement certifying uptime.

7.  Automatic credit for any downtime.

8.  Perl 5.6.

9.  Perl::CGI and Perl::DBI.

10. MySQL (while this may or may not be "open-source", I want it).

11. ssh.

12. scp.

13. ssh-CVS client.

14. At least one e-mail account (in addition to administrator account).

15. At least 100 MB mailbox.

16. At least 10 MB web space.

17. At least 64 kbps web transfer rate.

18. At most 250 ms web transfer latency.

19. At least 1 GB/month web transfer total.

20. Daily or more frequent data backup.

21. Provider to reinstall my content within 1 hour of service resumption
    if their web server malfunctions or fails.

Does anyone have any recommendations?



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