[svlug] upcoming things to do

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Sun Jul 14 02:26:56 PDT 2002

Three cool things to do coming up this week...

1) Today (or probably today - July 14, Sunday 11 am to 5 pm.
      ... so if you read mail only from your weekday location, 
          then oh well, I missed.  
   The park might close later than that, actually.

   BayLISA is hosting a sysadmin picnic at Oak Meadow Park, Los Gatos,
   area 1.  All souls of a sysadminly inclination are invited. (Well,
   okay, if you're a soulless BOFH, get your butt over to the park
   already, you know you're invited too.)  

   We are having an installfest and there is power.  So it's one more
   than the usual number of chances per month to turn your box into a
   happ(y/ier) Linux or *BSD system.

   I *think* I posted this before - weeks ago - but might have 
   forgotten.  I've been out of town a bunch lately.  Sorry, I just 
   finally caught up with myself.


2) BALUG - Tuesday - 7 pm for dinner - 8 pm for the speaker

   Steve Traugott is speaking about infrastructure stuff and sysadmin
   automation.  Likely to be some good deep magic in this one.  And of
   course there's always the door prizes :)

   Third Tuesday every month, San Francisco, Chinatown.


   Job seeking and job offer announcements ok for Linux or BSD jobs,
   keep it brief.  Extra door prizes always welcome.

3) BayLISA - Thursday - 7:30 pm til 9:30ish, err, maybe 10 pm.

   Steve Traugott is also speaking here.  I don't think we really
   intended that this end up on the same month like that;  some recent
   speaker juggling in the last few months at both ended up with this.
   But BayLISA is more oriented to sysadmins so the focus will almost
   certainly be slightly different.  Either that or you can come just to
   show support for the cool fella we normally know as SVLUG's speaker
   coordinator... :)

   Third Thursday every month, Palo Alto.


   Job seeking and job offer announcements ok, keep it brief and use the
   whiteboard.  T-shirts and pint glasses for sale.  Memberships, too.

And of course any Star Trek fans are welcome to drop me a line about the
24th century's free software user group ... http://trek.starshine.org/

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