[svlug] ATI Mobility Radeon

Felipe Leme felipeal at iname.com
Fri Jul 12 21:32:38 PDT 2002

Tim wrote:

> 4.2.0 from the GATOS project (http://gatos.sf.net/).  It works
> flawlessly for me at 1024x768 (the max for my XGA display), however

Hmm, I got some problems with such driver (both the version from the 
GATOS project and the one that comes with mandrake).

- if I switch from the X to a terminal (like ctrl-alt-F6) and then come 
back, the X freezes (and I can't even kill it)
- I can't play quake3 (it freezes after a couple of minutes), even 
though I can play tuxracer (which is a good game to test if OpenGL works).

If I use the kernel driver (radeon.o), the first console switch works 
fine, but then I lose openGL support.

I haven't found anything about those problems on the gatos list 
(although I have to admit I didn't research them deeply). Did you have 
such problems?

> If you have TV-out, you can switch between TV and LCD using the atitvout
> utility available here:

I don't have TV-out, but the extra VGA cable worked flawlessly too, even 
  on a projector. I don't know about the S-video, as I don't have a TV 
that has that input :(


PS: my card is the Radeon Mobility M6-P

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