[svlug] wvdial

Chris Gippert chrisg at intekom.co.za
Thu Jul 11 01:22:18 PDT 2002

Hi all
Previously I wrote in to ask about internal modems. Well thanks to everybody
who replied, I now have a Multitech MT5634ZPX-PCI (full hardware) modem
which works. It is up and running under RH 7.3. I have configured it using
(a) The network configuration tool found in the K control panel where I
added the modem as a device and set it up to connect to my isp, (b) Using
the KPPP internet dial up tool. Both these configurations work perfectly.

I am now trying to get the modem to work using wvdial. It does connect but
does not get past starting pppd. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this
is happening?
Here is what wvdial does:
--> WvDial: Internet dialer version 1.41
--> Initializing modem.
--> Sending: ATZ
--> Modem initialized.
--> Waiting for carrier.
ATDT 555 5555
CONNECT 30666 V42bis
--> Carrier detected. Waiting for prompt.
--> Hmm... A prompt. Sending "ppp"
Username: ppp
--> Found a good menu option: "username"
--> Looks like a password prompt.
--> Sending: (password)
--> Don't know what to do! Starting pppd and hoping for the best.
--> Starting pppd at Thu Jul 11 09:46:12 2002
That¹s it, it gets no further.

[Dialer Defaults]
Modem = dev/ttyS4
Baud = 115200
Init1 = ATZ
SetVolume = 2
Dial Command = ATDT
New PPPD = 1
Username = Foo1234
Login = Foo1234
Password = xxxx

[Dialer Intekom]
Phone = 555 5555

Etc/hotplug/net.agent: assuming ppp() is already up
Modprobe: Can't locate module ppp-compress-21

Chris Gippert.

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