[svlug] 'Kernal Panic:No Init Found. Try passing Init=Option to Kernal'

Kanagala Rao raokanagala at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 10 18:47:51 PDT 2002

   From: Tim <tim at tetro.net>
I would do what Aaron recommended.  Boot off the install CD and run
fdisk.  I'm not familiar with the RedHat install process, but you should
be able to get to a shell prompt by pressing Alt+F2 or Alt+F3 or Alt+F4,
etc, at some point during the beginning of the install process.  At that
point you could also try manually mounting the root filesystem, and if
successful, see if /sbin/init and /bin/bash are really missing.

- Tim

I remember working on this three weeks back. That time it was fine. I do not
remember changing any thing since then.
How ever I did install,uninstall and install some programes in windows
I did what Aaron suggested. Boot off the install CD......
I got the following from Disk Druid
Device           Start  End    Size(MB) Type      MountPoint Format
/dev/hda1        1     1912   14998    NTFS/HPFS     -      NO
/dev/hda2       1913   2432   4079     Extended
  /dev/hda5     1913   2341   3365     ext3          -       NO
  /dev/hda6     2342   2432   714      swap          -      YES

I could not read some more messages as shift + pageup to scrollup somehow
did not work on my machine.

Thanks for your time.

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