[svlug] 'Kernal Panic:No Init Found. Try passing Init=Option to Kernal'

Kanagala Rao raokanagala at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 10 15:40:06 PDT 2002

>From: Scott_Thompson at NAI.com
>To: raokanagala at hotmail.com
>CC: svlug at lists.svlug.org
>Subject: RE: [svlug] 'Kernal Panic:No Init Found. Try passing Init=Option 
>to Kernal'
>Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 17:13:54 -0500
>Just a guess.  I have a dual boot machine (98/SuSE 7.1).  My Linux is
>on hdb3.
>IDE 0:0 Disk 1 - Windows 98  (hda in Linux speak)
>IDE 0:1 Disk 2 - Linux (hdb1 = /boot; hdb2 = swap; hdb3 = /)

Appreciate Scott. But other than guess there must be a procedure to know the 
partition used by OS under this situation.

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