[svlug] cygwin ssh instead of putty

Robin Rowe rower at MovieEditor.com
Mon Jul 8 16:56:45 PDT 2002

Hi. I appreciate the helpful suggestions.

Just to clarify since there seems to be a little confusion, accidental or
otherwise, my objective is to connect from a Win2k workstation through a
SOCKS firewall to Linux running openssh. I'm not trying to run sshd on
Windows. I just want to be able to connect from a typical corporate desktop
to an external Linux server. If someone has a useful suggestion for a better
place to ask such interoperability questions do please let me know.



P.S. For those who may not have noticed, somebody from Rick Moen's
self-proclaimed Linux Mafia will typically post some sort of negative
comment to anything I say. It has nothing to do with net ettiquete. If you
want a laugh, see what Rick Moen says about me on his BALE Web site at

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