[svlug] Re: cygwin ssh instead of putty

Robin Rowe rower at MovieEditor.com
Fri Jul 5 22:40:04 PDT 2002

I'm trying cygwin as recommended, but finding it frustrating.

The installer makes me type in the firewall name every time I run it. Can't
it remember such obvious stuff?

It says "I have no name" in my cygwin bash shell which really annoys me.
There is some obscure note about needing to set up id -un to work right that
I found somewhere on the net, plus the comment that this problem should be
in the FAQ. Duh! I've tried setting USER in the Win2k system and even hard
coded in /etc/profile without success.

There doesn't seem to be a ls or dir command. How am I supposed to navigate?

Where's fstab? How do I set permanent mount points?

When I try to run ssh it objects that it can't find cygz.dll. It's right.
There isn't one in bin. Now what?

There's no man or apropos. Where are the help files? Directions on the
cygwin page often don't work when I try them. Either I'm in a parallel
universe or the documentation is way out of sync with reality. How am I
supposed to figure out how to use this?

Putty will ssh through SOCKS, but pscp doesn't work with firewalls. Now I'm
going to try openssh in cygwin, but have no idea how to set that up to get
scp out through the firewall. Suggestions?


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> why not download cygwin from www.cygwin.com, its ssh client work nicely
> with openssh (since it is itself openssh).  and if you really only want
> the ssh client and not the rest of this great toolkit that makes your
> windows box look and feel like *nix then all you need to keep is the
> cywin.dll and the ssh.exe files
> (yes this works, i used to distribute rsync this way: just give people
> the cygwin.dll and rsync.exe files and make sure they are in the same
> dir somewhere in the %PATH% of windows).
> If however you install the full cygwin on a win/2k box then you can also
> start the ssh deamon (service M$ calls it) so now you can ssh INTO your
> windows machine (and use things like scp for file transport from and to
> your windows/linux machines (much cleaner than doing samba mounts and
> all that stuff)).
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